Our mission

We love making films, and we strive to do things differently. We’re bored of talking heads and typical product shots. We believe in unconventional ideas, beautiful imagery, and real emotions, and we’re ready to illuminate the humanity behind the work that you do.

We are dedicated to working with small businesses, startups, advocacy organizations, grassroots politicians, and we have a special place in our hearts for female entrepreneurs, POC-owned businesses, and social impact warriors. Is that you? What’s your story? Let us help you tell the world.

We are a full-service production studio that specializes in live action and stop motion brand films. Let’s collaborate and, ahem, make a big splash.

How we do it

Every project is different and every client is unique, and that’s how we like it. However, one thing is always the same: we work closely with you to realize a shared vision. Behold! Our tried and true production framework:


Why "High Dive?"

Investing in video is kind of like going off the high diving board at the pool. You could choose the low board—the safe option—which is guaranteed to impress, well, your mother. But the high dive gives you more air time, the opportunity to show off, and the potential to make a bigger impact. It may require you to face some fears, but the payoff is worth it. We promise.

Also, we really love swimming.